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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Being Alone

Sometimes it is not easy to define my status, whether I am single or in relationship :) This's path of life that I have to bear at the moment and I hope it will over soon.  Whatever result I will get I think it doesn't matter anymore.  I only need a clear answer, a resolution.

And at the end if I have to be all alone again, I guess it's alright.  I am not saying that I will not feel sad and desperate and things like that.  Just wanna say that I will face my situation as path that I may have to take and I'll take all responsibilities that come with it.

This is my journey to find my best friend in life.  Because although I came and will leave this world alone, in between, I need someone to rely on.  I need someone with whom I share this life.  I need someone who's available for me just like I am for him.

My journey of search is much difficult and longer compare with other people I know.  It's okay..this's my life not theirs.  As much as I cannot deny that there's always part of me that loving you so much, sunshine.. but at the same time I know something is growing inside of me.  The feeling that telling I should be okay if we're not meant to be together on this life.  That I'll keep you in my heart because if I take you out I am scared I will never be able to heal the scars.

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