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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Frequent Travellers, Be Alert

It is 40 minutes before my next departure to Bangkok. Another attempt to enter the Kingdom of Thailand ;) And I am sitting in the departure lounge, having my cappuccino, try to remember what had I saw last night in BBC about common illness that can be caused from constant traveling.

Okay, the report said that traveling 14 – 15 days a month is way too much.

Usually a frequent traveler is very into schedule. Hmmm reflecting to myself, I think that’s true. I used to suspect that I have some kind of disorder or living in an autistic spectrum because I am into schedule. I can get different level of stress when the flight is delayed, the bus stop too long, my pick up is not on time, e-mails are not answered, etc. Even when I am not on travel, I can get irritated when si pacar cannot be contacted in time when I need his confirmation about our plan and schedule. Things for other people considered minor can become major distraction for me :p

And the stress will cause me more desire to eat ehehehehe… Yes that’s the fact. The more I travel more weight I gained. Nice isn’t it *sigh* Hmmm within this 3 weeks of travel in Thailand, Lao and Cambodia I gain more or less 2 kg already.

The report said that an understanding from the travelers themselves is very much needed. We have to always be alert about symptom of emotional un-balance, fatigue, eating disorder, etc. Watch your schedule,try as much as possible to exercise, get sometimes to relax during your travel (yoga...anyone? :p), watch your diet.

But employers should also be conscious and give a more flexibility and consideration to employee that have to travel a lot. Which I cannot respond properly other than using bahasa term: mimpi kali yeeeee :p


Anonymous sunshine said...

nice advice for young traveller..untuk para suhu, setelah semua perjalanan yang melelahkan itu, (mungkin) ini saatnya untuk menapaki perjalanan di level berbeda..perjalanan ruhani misalnya :) karena saya kira segala sesuatu ada masanya

10:56 AM  
Blogger nana said...

begitu ya :)

9:31 PM  

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